Pré de Pascal was inaugurated in 1972, and since then, it has been managed by the Borettaz Scalvino family, which has been enriched by precious individuals and trusted collaborators.

Until 1959, it was just a pasture where Grandfather Davide went every summer with the cows. In 1970, Mr. Savoretti's arrival in Courmayeur marked a decisive turning point for the place, with the construction of a cable car system in the Val Veny area.


The family-managed staff:

Chef Piero with great passion and professionalism, offers genuine cuisine, personally researching the raw materials.

Marta welcomes guests in the dining room, a young and energetic girl enthusiastic about her work, putting her heart into it

Daniela, the true lady of the house, has witnessed the birth and growth of Pré de Pascal. She still works diligently and passionately to take care of every detail and make you feel at home.


The Renovation Works

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

The courage and entrepreneurial spirit of Jolanda and Carletto Scalvino have transformed the old mountain pasture into a prestigious restaurant.

Even today, Pré de Pascal is in continuous evolution to meet the needs of customers, staying up-to-date and offering always unique and unforgettable experiences.